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RVCC is a community minded pentecostal church within Grand Forks that exists with one main purpose: to help people become more like Jesus. Jesus has shown us and demonstrated to us that He is the way, the truth, and the life. He has shown us the pathway to life. He has shown us what love is, what life is, and what it means to truly live. Our desire is to share this truth that Jesus brings and this love Jesus gives to everyone living in Grand Forks and the Boundary and beyond.


RVCC's one purpose is to be Christ-like. We are real people who desire to share the love of Jesus and the truth found only in Jesus with everyone! 


We meet as a community of Jesus seeking people to know, worship, and experience Jesus every Sunday at 10:30am. We are diverse people from all backgrounds and church traditions. We are a Spirit led people with pentecostal roots. We place a big emphasis on being Spirit led in our music, worship, preaching, and our ministry.


Our church has existed in Grand Forks for nearly 100 years. However most of our church community is relatively new within the last 10 years. We are a small growing community of believers who love Jesus and are passionate about the truth of his Word. We place a big emphasis on being together not only on Sundays but during the week as well. We have a strong desire to reach out to our city and share the love and truth of Jesus with others.

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