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Discover your next steps

Following Jesus is a journey of growth and discovery and we are here to help you take the next step. Please fill out the connect card below with your next step we can help you take!

I'm new

We would love to connect with you here at River Valley Community Church. Fill out the connect card so we can personally welcome you. An intentional connection with one of our staff is a great next step for you today!

Follow Jesus

Being apart of River Valley Community Church means that we help each other follow Jesus. It isn't about following a religion, memorizing rules, or earning your way to heaven. It is about entering into a life transforming relationship with the source of all good things. It's about practicing a way of life that helps us discover and experience what it truly means to be a human in God's world.

Being apart of RVCC's ministries is a great place to start! Please see the "Our Ministries" section for a short description on each ministry.

Precept Ministries inductive Bible study.

Mens and Ladies night.

We also run Christianity Explored and Hope Explored classes. Contact Emma Wiebe for dates that are coming up.


Once you have decided to follow Jesus, one of the first things to do is follow him in water baptism. Baptism is an outward display of your inward transformation. It's one of the ways we are encouraged to go public with our faith!

Every believer has a beautiful story of God's work in their life and we want to celebrate YOUR story!

Contact our Lead Pastor Gabe Warriner if you are interested in baptism.



You don't have to be a member to be apart of RVCC. However, membership serves as a next step of commitment to the health and vitality of a local church. Membership is also a means through which church leadership is provided, a way for the church to be governed, and a structure of accountability and support. Members commit to regular Sunday attendance, financial support, upholding the statement of faith and protecting the church family. Members are required to have attended RVCC for 3 months and be baptized in water.


How would you like to get involved here at RVCC? we want to hear from you and help you find a meaningful place of ministry here! Contact Emma Wiebe if you are interested in volunteering.

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