Find a group to connect to!

Legacy Builders

Connect with our 55+ group.  These awesome people meet to sing and learn and be together.


Bible Study

This group is open to all.  These folks meet at the church Wednesdays  to connect, sing and study the Bible.

Bible Lessons

Ignite Youth!

These groups meet several nights a week.  There is a group that meets for Bible study every Tuesday at 6pm and a group that meets Friday at 7pm for games and fun.

More info coming soon.

More Groups to connect with!


Men in this group meet the second Tuesday of each month to connect and study the Bible.

More info coming soon.


Women in this group meet periodically for special events to connect and grow spiritually.


We love to worship at RVCC.  We have a contemporary form of worship and we have a passionate group of people who are committed to leading the congregation every Sunday!


We place a high priority on prayer at RVCC.  We have prayer teams that minister following the preaching of the Word every Sunday.  We also pray every Sunday evening at 6pm at the church.  

Community Outreach Flood

Being nestled in a beautiful river valley means that at times our rivers both overflow their banks during spring freshest.  Each spring we do our best to help folks prepare and recover from flooding.

Community Outreach Firewood

It gets cold in Grand Forks and the Boundary over the winter.  Folks that can't afford the cost of heat or that are no longer able to collect the firewood they need often go cold.  We help them by cutting, splitting and delivering firewood.

Easter Events

Easter 2013 was the first time we hosted an Easter event for the city. From the very start our Easter events have been very much appreciated especially by people up to age twelve.  They gather in huge numbers from our city bringing their moms and dads and grandparents, uncles and aunts and friends to be a part of the event.

Halloween Events

We decided as a church in 2013 that we would set aside the day of Halloween as a day to shine brighter as the church rather than turn off the lights.  And so for ten years we have hosted a fun community event every October 31st that has come to be one of the main events Halloween Night in Grand Forks.


The Christmas season is one that we truly love.  What do we love about it?  Everything!  We love that Jesus was born in a manger in a little town even smaller than Grand Forks called Bethlehem.  We love that the light of His star brought hope to a very dark world.  We love that Jesus brought salvation through His death on the cross and by rising again on the third day!  The Christmas Spirit is the Spirit of Christ living through us to extend the grace and goodness and gifts of Christ to those around us. 


We believe strongly in the commission to go into all the world and preach the Gospel everywhere.  We support three different missionary organizations/couples doing amazing work in Uganda, Guinea, Southeast Asia and beyond.