Wood Heat Assistance

It all begins in 2018

The flood in 2018 brought such devastation to so many people in Grand Forks.  We looked for ways to help people get back on their feet.  One of the ways that God opened up for us was through wood heat.  Taking care of this one thing helped many do many of the other things they needed to do to rebuild their lives.  We were able to purchase and restore this trailer for hauling bigger loads.



During the pandemic many of the church regular activities were restricted.  We decided this was the perfect time for us to become super outreach focused.  We expanded the wood heat assistance to folks experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic.  Over the winter of 2020/2021 we gave away eighty seven cords of wood.  Gathering that amount of wood from the backcountry would've taken enormous amounts of time.  Thankfully the Vagaan Mill in Midway stepped up to support us with wood blocks.  We then could cut and split the wood blocks and it made the job more manageable.


What's next

The pandemic is coming to a close and the restrictions are coming off the church.  We are gradually starting up all our programs once again.  We don't know exactly what the future of the wood heat assistance program will be but we know that we will continue to provide support to those who desperately need it.  And with community support, this program will be able to continue and provide help for so many.  A man saw we were doing and decided it was time for Pastor Gabe and experienced volunteers to have an additional chainsaw.  He purchased this and brought it to the church.  What a wonderful surprise!


Community Support

Folks from RVCC loaned Pastor Gabe a chainsaw.  Another sold him a truck for next to nothing.  The wood program grew in 2019.  More loads were delivered to more folks.  And in 2020 an anonymous donor from the community purchased a logging truck of wood for us to deliver to folks that needed it.


Church lot becomes wood lot.

We had an unused space in our church lot.  Over the years we've tried to grow grass in it as well as other things.  But because it's in direct sunlight all day it's been a challenging space to do something with.  And although the front the church faces a residential zone, the back faces an industrial zone.  It worked perfectly to use the space to gather firewood.  Then, all summer long in direct sunlight the wood dries out for use in the following winter.



In 2021, with the pandemic continuing to bring restrictions upon all church programs, we continued the wood heat assistance.  We purchased a used diesel truck.  A senior man in Greenwood loaned us his dump trailer.  Vagaan continued their support.  And we had the Boundary Better at Home, as well as Granby Post and Beam Homes support us along with the Border Bruins.  MDS purchased a logging truck load of wood for us, and volunteers stepped forward to lend a hand every Monday morning.  We gave away one hundred and twenty cords over the 2021/2022 winter season.