Community Outreach

2018 Sandbagging

In 2018 the Kettle and the Granby river both flooded their banks.  We helped fill over 200,000 sandbags to help protect peoples homes and businesses.


Moldy insulation

Many basements and crawlspaces had to have all their basements and crawlspaces mucked out.  All the wet insulation had to be removed.  Then new insulation and vapour barrier was installed.  



In 2019 Mennonite Disaster Service came to town to help folks rebuild.  We hosted this wonderful group of people at RVCC and they helped folks recover. We also volunteered with MDS.



We were in the middle of preparing for our big halloween event while MDS was here.  They enjoyed posing for their group photos in front of the cardboard cityscape.


South Ruckle Berm

This is just one of many berms throughout Grand Forks that we helped fill sandbags for.


Samaritans Purse

Following the flood in 2018, many homes were flooded and needed to be 'mucked out'.  We helped by volunteering with Samaritans purse.  Our church also hosted Samaritans Purse.


Van Donation

Some folks lost all their vehicles in the flood.  A community donor gave us this van to give away.  It is still in use to this day.


Peter and Susan (MDS Site Managers)

These two people were just amazing in every way.  The six months that they were at RVCC helping folks rebuild their homes after the flood went by way too quick.


AM Ford

AM Ford in Trail gave us three trucks to use to help folks during the flood and recovery.  We used them for moving sandbags, disposing of sandbags, moving damaged items and all kinds of things.  They also advertised the church phone number and encouraged folks in Trail and area to volunteer in Grand Forks with us.


Johnson Flats

In 2020 Johnson flats once again began to flood.  We helped fill sandbags for this berm that protected many homes in the Johnson Flats area.