We love our Community!

2013 Easter Event

This photo marks the first ever community Easter event back in 2013.  Read about it here.

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 9.39.51 AM.png

2022 Easter Event

Finally after two years of no in person Easter events, we were able to have our first this year.  More than one thousand people were at the event and it was so much fun!

The Easter Bunny

2021 Christmas Parade

Santa and Mrs. Claus from RVCC did a wonderful job spreading Christmas love, joy and peace during this wonderful Christmas season even during the midst of a long pandemic.  Read more here.


2021 Canada Day Parade

RVCC handed out lots of Canadian Teddy Bears during the pandemic Canada Day tour around the city.  Rachel had a lot of fun throwing candy to children along the way!  Read more here.


2021 Halloween Tour

The minions had fun tossing out thousands of candies to children during the annual pandemic Halloween tour event.  Read more here.


2017, 2018, 2020 Sandbagging

We filled sandbags for months leading up to the 2018 flood event and worked nearly around the clock to fill sandbags during the event.  In 2017 we helped save a home, and in 2020 we helped protect lots of homes. Read about it herehere, here, and watch CTV news interview here.


2021 Easter Event

This photo was taken during a pandemic Easter event.  RVCC upgraded it's bunny significantly this year.   We toured around Grand Forks giving away thousands of chocolates.  Read more here.


2021 Christmas Parade

During the pandemic RVCC partnered with the city of Grand Forks to help pull Santa around the city.  Thousands of people enjoyed the parade.  Madison and Emma were excellent Christmas elves.  Read more here.


2021 Christmas Parade

RVCC had the minions onboard the 2021 Christmas Parade float along with Santa, Mrs. Clause and eight reindeer.  Read more here.


Halloween Event

During the pandemic RVCC toured around the city during Halloween handing out candy to thousands of people.  Read more here.


2019 Halloween Event

Our last pre-pandemic Halloween event had a Marvel superhero theme and was awesome!  We created an epic cityscape using cardboard boxes.  Volunteers spent months preparing for the event.  Read more here.


2018 - 2022 Firewood Heat Assistance

Since 2018 we have been providing firewood heat assistance to our community and to our entire boundary which encompasses everyone from Christina Lake to Beaverdell.  Read more here and here.