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Learning to be still.

Updated: May 30, 2022

It looks and sounds like something out of a space movie or a video game. I lay there as the round space machine made every beeping, ticking, and android(Like R2D2 from Star Wars) noise known to man.

I had to lay completely still.

(The MRI unit I was in didn't have any fancy pink lights. I wish that it did. It would've added to the experience even more. I did have a freshly warmed blanket which was lovely.)

I went feet first.

Thankfully I went feet first. I can't imagine going into that tiny tube head first! I struggle with a condition called claustrophobia. It's basically when you are in a really small space, your mind can't stop telling you, 'get out of here'. And when you try to ignore what your mind is saying to you, your mind speaks louder and with more intensity. But going feet first meant my head and shoulders were completely out of the tiny tube and I was just in from waist down.

'Here's some earplugs and don't move.' He said.

I'm used to loud noises but I wasn't prepared for those noises. At first they made me smile. Then, they started to annoy me. Then, I was done. And even though I was only in there for twenty five minutes or so, I was ready to get out. To make matters more challenging, my head was positioned so that I could see the timer(I have no idea what it was timing) count down from three minutes, then start over from four minutes, then start over from five minutes, and so I watched what seemed an endless cycle of numbers counting down. Have you ever been in an enclosed space lying perfectly still and watched the seconds count down? It's unnerving.

But it's only when you stop moving that you get a clear picture of what is going on in your body.

Psalms 46:10 says this: 'Be still, and know that I am God'.

Be still, and know. Being in that MRI today has me thinking a lot more about stillness. And I can't help but wonder if so much of our lives goes by in a blur because we refuse to be still?

In the Psalm God is describing Himself to His people. It's like He's trying to get His people's attention. It's like He's asking them to lie down and get into His MRI so that we will get a focused, clear picture of who He is. And the reality of God's special MRI machine(so to speak) is that the clearer the image of Him that we have, the clearer the image of ourselves that we have.

You see, we are created in HIS image.

I hope that's my last experience with a MRI. I really do. However it's become a great object lesson. And next time I think about my MRI experience I will also think about the last time I was still before God for twenty five minutes.

And if I can't remember the last time, then I hope I stop in that moment to take the time to be still. I don't want my life to go by in a blur. I want to see God clearly because I know when I do, I'll see myself and my life clearly too.

We don't need a special expensive machine. All we need is to find a quiet space, sit really still and the Psalm says, we'll KNOW God. We will have a clear picture of who He is. And if we're still having a hard time getting a clear picture, then read through the verses before Psalm 46:10 and the verses after and in stillness think about those things and we'll see our perspective change.

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