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  • Gabe Warriner

Moving Beyond Covid-19

Updated: May 6, 2022

It seems ironic that I write this post today. You see, this morning I tested positive for covid-19 for the first time since this pandemic began.

And so now I sit in isolation in my room. I'm not able to leave my room. I'm not able to leave my home. I'm not able to go anywhere. And while I have a mild form of the virus compared to past variations, it still has made me sick and so therefore I have to remain in isolation for a mimimum of five days. And I count myself blessed. Many others in the past two years have had to remain in isolation far longer. Many have been bedridden for weeks, even months. Some have long lasting effects of the sickness, others even lost their lives. And yet my post is "Moving beyond Covid-19".

We were not created to live in isolation. God's creative design is and always has been community. God made Adam and Eve for each other in the Garden of Eden. He gave them the command to be fruitful and to increase in number.

In the book of Genesis God's plan for mankind was a romantic relationship between Adam and Eve, and in marriage to be fruitful and have lots of children. And with the extended long life of people in the book of Genesis families grew large until they built cities and inhabited them in community. This has always been the plan of God.

We were made for love.

We were made for love, first and foremost with God Himself, than with a special person that we can love and have children with. Then with other families in an ever widening circle designed by God to encompass everyone around us.

Imagine living in world of unbroken family relationships. Unfortunately that is not anyone's experience. First, we broke our relationship with God. Then, we broke our relationship with that special someone. Then, we broke relationship with our children. And generation after generation, the sin of broken relationships has brought us to where we are today.

But there is always redemption and there is always hope. Redemption through the blood of Jesus restored our relationship to God. And through Jesus, every relationship in our lives has the hope of redemption.

While sin remains on this earth, we know that we will always know the hurt and sting of sin. But Jesus gives us hope for the future. He gives us the hope that we will one day live in a world without sin and without broken relationships. Our relationship with God will be fully restored as it was in the Garden of Eden. Through Jesus, we have inherited a new family. We have been brought into the family of God as true sons and daughters.

This is our eternal future hope. We know that this will one day take place. There will be no sickness in eternity. There will be no isolation in eternity. There will be only family. There will be only intimate friendship with God.

So how do we move beyond Covid-19? Soon I will be well. Soon I will no longer have this sickness. Some say that recovery will be five days. Others say that recovery will be ten days.

We move beyond Covid-19 through recovery. We allow the healing that comes from Jesus to touch our bodies physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For some, the recovery will be quick and for others the recovery may take longer. But we will recover. With recovery, we move out of isolation and come back to family. We come back the family God has given to us.

And as family, we welcome those who have had covid-19 and have recovered and are are still in recovery, without judgement, without resentment, and without restraint. We fully welcome each other because we are fully welcomed by God through Jesus Christ.

The love of God welcomes you. And through His love you can welcome others into that same love. Let's move beyond Covid-19. We can and will recover from this. We will know the love of God not only in one on one relationship with God, but with each other.

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