Pastor Gabe

Gabe became a Christian when he was five years old.  His mom asked him if he wanted to invite Jesus into his heart, to forgive him of all his sins.  He did and that started him on a journey that eventually lead him to Grand Forks in June, 2010.


Gabe is the Pastor at River Valley Community Church.  He teaches about God every Sunday using the Bible. Along with a group of leaders, Gabe organizes and oversees services every Sunday of the year.  These services start at 10:30 am and are open to everyone. 


Gabe organizes and oversees midweek community groups from RVCC that meet together to discuss the Bible and Christianity.  These groups are open to everyone. 


Our pastor cares a lot about the community of Grand Forks, BC and this is demonstrated in many different ways. 

Gabe organizes and oversees a children’s program for kids 6-12 every Monday night from September through June, he also organizes and oversees a city wide Easter Egg event at City Park each year, as well as a city wide Halloween event at RVCC each year.  These events are created with children and families in mind.  


Starting in 2018 Gabe created sandbag filling devices and began organizing volunteers to help fill sandbags during potential flood seasons to help vulnerable people protect their homes.  Gabe, Rachel and their family  worked hard with sand bagging efforts, berm building and helping in whatever way they could in June of 2020 when river levels rose, threatening homes in Grand Forks.


Gabe lives in Grand Forks, BC with his wife Rachel and their family.  He can be found every Sunday at RVCC at 1030 am. During the week he can be reached via text message or phone at 250-444-4400, or via email at  Additionally he is on social media and can be messaged on Facebook.  


Gabe hopes to tell Grand Forks about Jesus. His desire is to show people how much God loves them.  He believes the Bible is God’s message from God to people and hopes that all will come to believe in the Good News of the Gospel.

gabe and rachel 2020.jpg