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Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019 was the last year before the Pandemic that we were able to be a part of the Christmas parade with the city downtown.  Everyone in the church dressed up in red and green hats, jackets and gloves and passed out individually wrapped Christmas gifts.  It was spectacular!


Christmas dinner

It has become a yearly tradition to have Christmas dinner together where we eat delicious turkey and have wonderful pumpkin pie together as we celebrate the Christmas season.  We also have fun entertaining each other!


Christmas parades

The first Friday in December is always the Christmas parade.  And we are hugely involved in this wonderful community event. This is perhaps our longest standing community event that we have been involved in now for years and years.  It is such a joyful way to start the Christmas season by celebrating the start of the Christmas season  with family, friends and community.


Christmas 2019

The children put on a wonderful shadow play retelling the story of Christmas.  They did so awesome telling the story of Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and baby Jesus.


Christmas Dance

One of our favourite things to do at Christmas after dinner is to go downstairs for a Christmas dance.  Although this is a new tradition, it's definitely a keeper!


Christmas Eve

It's our favourite tradition to have a Christmas Eve sing along event. Sometimes there is a short Christmas message, sometimes it's all singing.  But one thing is for sure.  It's always Christmas Eve.  Every year just gets better and better!

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