Bible Study

We have weekly Bible studies at the church every Wednesday at 7pm.  These studies are designed to help believers grow in their faith and become more spiritually mature.  They are also a time of mutual learning where we can as a fellowship discuss the things we learn from the Bible.

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Experiencing God

This is an excellent study for every believer.  Within this study are keys to unlocking God's purpose for our lives.  Quite often we struggle with questions of purpose and identity.  We often wonder what our next direction is to be.  Which path are we to follow?  What is the right decision to make for my life? 

No matter what stage of life you are in or how long you have been a believer, this study is designed to challenge your perception of God and your life in relation to Him.  In this study we are shown that we can know the will of God for our lives and feel confident knowing we are walking in obedience to the will of God over our lives.

This study will commence soon and is open to all.  We hope that you will plan on attending.  Purchase of a study book is not necessary but will definitely enhance the study.  The study book is designed to help us get into the word of God, understand it, and apply it to our lives.  

So join us for a time of digging into the word of God.   We hope to see you there.

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