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We have an talented group of people who passionately love the Lord and value the presence of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our services.  They are committed and faithful and are there week after week.  They've discovered what David did when he said, "Better is one day in your courts Lord than a thousand elsewhere".  

We love to worship.  We love to sing and play skillfully on instruments.  We have a modern contemporary form of worship which includes electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards and drums.  We have worship leaders who lead us faithfully and steadfastly into the presence of God. 

Our worship is full and we like the volume up a little.  We provide ear protection for those with sensitive ears.  We have a state of the art sound system and continue year by year to keep our gear and equipment up to date.  We believe very strongly in worship and everyone is invited to come and worship the Lord with us, to lift up a joyful sound and a shout of praise.  We also encourage the lifting of hands and the dancing of feet.   God is good and so we love to lift up His name with singing and praise.

Listen to some of our live worship sets by worship leaders Vanessa Favell and Mel Peterson.

Do you play an instrument or sing?

Get in touch so we can start worshipping together.  We get together every Monday at 7pm at the church.

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We can't wait to worship with you!